''May be one of the cheekiest and the most entertaining...''

Says Book Legion, ''There are a lot of recent book releases that take a humorous angle with horror. You have the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies series and the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Not to mention all types of ‘How to Survive a Zombie Attack’ type of books. This one may be one of the cheekiest and the most entertaining....

''What is the COMPENDIUM MONSTRUM? It’s a great pocket-sized book. . . [that] serves as a reference or field guide to monsters. It gives everything from history to practical advice for dealing with monsters to maps of their known whereabouts. It's like a supernatural travel guide. The inside appearance of the book gives it the aged look of a vintage book . . . This just adds to the fun factor. This is basically your little black book guide to the world of the super-weird and supernatural! It’s a fun item to have lying around to flip through. It’d fit in your purse or your pocket. Definitely the sort of thing you’d give as a gift to someone. What, you want to give someone a dictionary or encyclopedia? Yeah, but do they have a ‘Vampire Hunter's Guide to Transylvania’? I think not! Instructions on what to do and not to do if you meet a Vampire face to face? The COMPENDIUM does!
Go buy it, you know you want to.''